Environmental Management
Managing environmental risk and opportunity is fundamental to good business management. Fulfilling our environmental responsibility is critical in the work that we choose to do and the way we conduct our operations. Within Triphase, we have access to world class scientists and discipline specialists to support our environmental objectives.

Environmental protection at the heart of our values
Protecting and improving the environment is central to our business values and guiding principles and vital to the long-term health of our business. Environmental protection and improvement provides Triphase with the business opportunity, to offer innovative services and added value to our clients.

Triphase's corporate environmental objectives
As a responsible company we have set ourselves a number of corporate environmental objectives which apply to the whole of our business. Our objectives are described in Triphase's Safety, Health and Environmental policy statement and can be summarized:
  • Work with clients, suppliers and the workforce to achieve an absolute goal of zero to the environment;
  • Go beyond zero by influencing behaviors of the community in which we live and work, to drive through continuous improvement in the environment;
  • Comply with all legislative requirements as a minimum standard;
  • Employ a consistent framework for the management of environmental issues across all its operations;
  • Pursue high standards of environmental management as an integral part of efficient management, ensuring all businesses decisions, take proper account of environmental implications;
  • Work with clients to minimize negative and maximize positive environmental impacts;
Setting clear environmental performance indicators is a key part of Triphase's environmental management strategy.

Environmental management Framework
To make sure policy objectives are met we manage our environmental performance through an ISO 14001 compliant framework, which provides our businesses with an effective management tool across in our operations.

Triphase Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd has developed an integrated approach to safety, health and environmental management based on ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Many of the elements of successful environmental management systems are mirrored in safety management. We check that the framework is effective through internal audit as well as subjecting our management systems, at corporate and operational levels, to independent assessment through certification and management assessment.