Employee Recognition Awards
Triphase Management believes that individuals and teams, when given the opportunity and the right environment, display a business focus that combine to produce exceptional results for our customers and for Triphase. Our goal is to establish such an environment and to encourage our people to seize the opportunity to create new and better solutions, especially as we and our customers face the challenges of changing business environments worldwide.

Chairmans HSE Award
The Chairman’s Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) Award is awarded to one or more individuals who have made an outstanding contribution toward improving the HSE performance within Triphase Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd and its affiliates and divisions.

It recognizes and rewards exceptional HSE performance improvement from among our employees. It serves as a tangible reminder of the significance of HSE for Triphase Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd and provides a platform for employees to significantly contribute to the corporate vision of Zero incidents. The awards comprise two levels – Silver and Gold.

Employee Recognition
These programs recognize outstanding and great contributions by employees in relation to our core values of Agility, Leadership, Performance and Relationships. Recognition is given through entertainment vouchers or letters of commendation from senior management.

Long Service Award
We are proud to have so many long serving employees and we celebrate that service with milestone awards every five years. In some regions, employee benefits also increase with completion of certain employment milestones.