Probiotic Pharma

Several medical complications in humans have led to the development of different therapies for targeted remedy. The advent of probiotics have been one of the most effective targeted, broad spectrum treatment for several ailments, which often have led to several other complications when subjected to conventional therapies like antibiotics and surgery. Probiotics have been aiding in re-orientation of metabolic pathways, immune system disorders, gastrointestinal problems, lifestyle diseases and many more.

Probiotics are essentially microbial based preparations, which localize the inherent microbial flora. These microbes are “favourably in-place” with the bodily systems, thereby leading to effective therapies. Administration of probiotics neither harms nor causes unwanted complications like side effects. They are very much in unison with the body machinery and perform their action by many associated mechanisms.

The approach adopted at Triphase is very much in line with harnessing the potentials of probiotics. We believe in the science that empowers these microbes to aid in Human health. We streamline ourselves with this technology, thereby equipping ourselves with the art of healthy living

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