Company Profile

Triphase has a deep rooted ambition of developing scientific approach to enhancing the quality of human life. We believe in proof of facts, which we substantiate with well documented clinical trials, to substantiate our claims. We, at large believe in plausibility and certainty in our research. We exist as “By the nature (Probiotic products & its techniques), to the nature (sustenance) and for the nature (eco-friendly)”.

In order to achieve and accomplish the set objectives TRIPHASE has three business verticals integrating Research and Development. Viz: Probiotic Pharma, Animal nutrition and Triphase ingredients. Fueled and fired by creativity, we constantly strive to develop new products and technologies in all four verticals.

Global Presence
Global Presence
o 2009: Triphase Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. Unit at Mysore for Nutraceuticals research was inaugurated
o 2011: Triphase Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. has developed its own state of art facility for nutraceuticals
o 2012: Triphase successfully launches Probiosac™, a lyophilised preparation of Saccharomyces boulardii
o 2013: Triphase enters into distribution agreement for its innovative fiber products and herbal extracts.
o 2013: Triphase has been awarded Indian Leadership award for Industrial Development, awarded to Mr. Aditya Desiraju, CMD.
o 2013: Triphase successfully launched LactoVag™, a probiotic blend of 7 strains of beneficial bacteria, aimed at curing Bacterial Vaginosis