Triphase is People powered and driven company. Team members are encouraged to not only dream but also explore, without having to worry of treading unknown path . Our emphasis on innovation and fostering leadership quality makes it one of the preferred organization even though it is two year old organization only.

At Triphase we recognize people are the most important assets and hence the working environment is made so much fun loving that every working day is a look forward and brings in more commitment. This work culture is defined by people as their ideas and their experience enriches and makes Triphase a unique choice.

Triphase defines their team members tomorrow today and assures freedom to think and implement new ideas or innovation outside the box, and recognizing through reward every quarter. This helps bringing a healthy competition, to find their true potential and motivate team work.

Benefits :
Triphase provides the following to the team members:
  • A safe working environment
  • Annual health checks
  • Medical benefits for the employee and his/her family members.( applies to employees spouse and 2 children only)
  • A highly conducive and enabling work atmosphere
  • Identification of employees to help them realize their true potential through the various training programs.