Fenulac is a water soluble component of Fenugreek fibres, obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis. Basically contains (sugar units containing Mannose as the backbone & Galactose in the side chain, in the ratio 1:1). Occur in nature as the reserve polysaccharides in the endosperms of a wide range of legume seeds. Partially degraded guar galactomannans are used as a novel dietary fibre component. They are highly viscous and form a gel in the stomach slowing gastric emptying and thickening intestinal contents.

Fenu Fiber helps in relieving digestive problems, such as constipation and inflammation. The other benefits of Fenu Fiber include

A water soluble fiber of Citrus peel, obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis.


Can slow not only digestion but also diffusion of digestion products to the absorptive mucosa

Good source of Vitamin C

Promotes digestion

Improve bone health