Enzyme Blends


TrigiZymeTM is Fungal derived, Gluten free, Non-GMO, BSE/TSE free and Non-radiated. TrigiZymeTM is a blend of Alpha-amylase, Acid Lactase, Acid protease, Lipase and Acid Cellulase. These enzymes hydrolyse Carbohyrates, Proteins, Fats and Fibres. The alpha-amylase helps in hydrolysing starch to form maltose and glucose the source for energy. In the case of Lactose intolerant individuals Lactase digests the milk sugar, Acid protease capable of hydrolysing both vegetable proteins & animal proteins to peptides and amino acids, Bromelain efficiently hydrolyze most soluble proteins & Lipase promotes in fat digestion, in addition to all of the above Cellulase helps in digestion of fibrous materials.


As a finished product formulations for powders, capsules Ez Melts, Sachets, Chewable and tablets.

  • Helps in speeding up Digestive process
  • Helps in preventing Stomach bloating and Gas
  • Reduces the effect of Fast foods
  • Helps in treating Heartburns, Abdominal cramps and/or bowel disorders
Composition : Each gram contains not less than:-
Alpha Amylase NLT 24,000 DU/gm
Acid Cellulase NLT 1,100 CU/gm
Acid Lactase NLT 4,000 ALU/gm
Acid Protease NLT 10,000 HUT/gm
Bromelain NLT 600 GDU/gm
Lipase NLT 200 FIP/gm


Off white to creamy white powder with characteristic odour


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